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Episode 77: Face-To-Face At The Bremont Townhouse 2019 ADVERTISEMENT

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Recorded "live?at the annual Bremont Townhouse in New York City, this episode has the boys face-to-face in the same place (a rarity!). Each spring, Bremont hosts press at a pre-Basel preview of their latest replica watches and this is actually the third time we've recorded from the Townhouse. It's always a great time getting to see and try on the new stuff from a brand like Bremont and this year has a lot to offer, with new ultra-deep divers, an ejection seat anniversary edition, and a new range of replica watches made for the British armed forces. Jason and James take a look at all the new models and dig into what makes Bremont special and interesting.

Inside the Bremont Townhouse.

Where Jason and James recorded this episode.

If you're looking for something new to check out this week, be sure to stay tuned until final notes as Jason has a polar thriller with Mad Mikkelsen and James has his latest and fav find on Instagram - and it's not even a photographer! Thanks so much for watching and be sure to get excited as the next episode will be our annual Baselworld megasode! Send your questions or feedback to [email protected], we'll chat to you soon.

Bremont's new Broadsword - listen for more details.


1:00 Bremont Watches

5:55 Bremont's Armed Forces collection

11:50 Supermarine S300 White

14:00Nims and Project Possible

17:48Supermarine S2000

20:00MBIII 10th Anniversary LE

22:53Solo-34 ladies watch


27:30U-2/51 Jet

31:05 Henry Catchpole wearing a U-2 Jet

33:55Arctic (film)

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